Original Watercolor by Sari Saggs



I love love love this watercolor. I fell in love with it when I saw all the beautiful colors. I contacted the artist because I couldn’t find any information on the painting – and I just like to contact artists 🙂 I think when a piece speaks to you, you should take the time to let the artist know. Sari was really gracious and wrote to me and told me the story about the model.

The model is (was) called Toni, and she worked with Sari for several pictures in 1974. They met at a dance class in Los Angeles. Apparently, she had a great soul and an outrageous personality to her and told Sari many many stories about the African American culture. I think I’d like Toni. I wonder where she is now – I dearly hope she’s still outrageous. I also wonder if she ever realized that 38 years later someone would be wishing that they knew her. I love life: I love the people, the places, the shared experiences that connect us all. It’s great, isn’t it?

I have enjoyed having Toni in my home. She was a good presence to have. But – as with everything – I have to make a decision. If this fake business of mine is going to take off and become more of a reality (please please Karma) I need to buy more fun, high quality pieces to refinish – and so I have to let go of some of my treasures. It is easier for me if I just say that I am willing to ‘share’ my pieces so that others can enjoy them too (but I really need the capital).

So that’s why I’m listing this beautiful piece. Art is so difficult to put a price to, it’s so subjective. I realize that people are hurting, and that perhaps buying beautiful pieces of art is not high up on the list of priorities. Because of this, I am starting the bidding much lower than the true value. Sari told me that a replacement for Toni would be in the $8,000 range.

I love Toni. Hopefully, someone else will love this crazy, outrageous lady too. Bravo! Sari Staggs.

Toni measures 41″x 31″close upToni


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