Painting Tutorial Giveaway!!

As with everything I seem to do of late, this is ‘last minute’ so please excuse my tardiness!

I had shared on my Facebook page that I was going to do a small giveaway, and it just dawned on me that I hadn’t told you guys about it!! Duh. Seriously.

My approach to painting really hasn’t deviated much, and I still hold on to the premise that often ‘less is best’. I’m the type that would rather see variations of the same color family, rather than having lots and lots of competing colors. And I’m a FIRM believer in working with glazes. OH MY GOSH – glazes will elevate your finish. Truly. I use glazes on every single piece of furniture. It can give a beautiful translucent look, it’s a very soft way to add depth and interest to your finish.

So, with that in mind, the first tutorial I made (very bare bones, no bells or whistles, just knowledge shared) focuses on blending and working with glazes. I’ve had great reviews on it, so I’m hopeful that it will be helpful to you! To enter the giveaway, just click here.

Because I’m flying to the UK on Sunday, I thought I’d pick a winner on Friday…I know, TOMORROW – I told you this was last minute!! It’s a very simple giveaway, just share the post on your social media pages and leave a comment. Easy peasy.

Hope you’re all well, and life is being kind to you.



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