It’s Finally Here.

Finally.   The wait is over.

Remember the Cupid Music Cabinet?  One

Pure & Original contacted me a while ago, asking me to try their Classico paint and review it.


I know, right.   Very…eh, daring of them.  To pick me. Yikes.  I’ve never done an ‘official’ review.  It was a little worrisome (I don’t mind admitting).  What if it was horrible?  What if I messed up?  Oh, and I’m so bad at taking photographs.  They would completely regret giving me product to write about.

But what the heck, right?   What’s the worse that could happen?  They could sue me for misappropriation of a product; for ruining their established reputation.   They could warn other companies about me.  I could be shunned. I could be ruined.  I would turn to drink (or more drink).

Oh dear, oh deary dear.

So, I tried it.  And my piece came out so well.  SevenIt is a beautiful paint. There is no denying it.  And thankfully, the chances of me been shunned are slim (and as far as I know, Slim just left town).    In fact, I loved everything about the paint – EXCEPT – I couldn’t buy more of it.

Until now.

The company did a ‘soft’ launch today, and it’s available to purchase (although in very limited quantities).   If you’re interested in purchasing the paint, here’s the Pure & Original  link to grab some.

(For the Cupid piece,  I used this palette).

Cupid Color Palette

Good luck!

{insert catchy ending phrase here)


Diane aka The Paint Factory




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2 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here.

  • June 6, 2015 at 2:11 am

    Diane, does it have texture as in the blow up detail above or is that your special effects?

    • June 6, 2015 at 7:29 am

      That was me 🙂 The paint is really really smooth.


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