Hand Painted Nymph and Fauns French Country Cabinet – SOLD

Hand Painted Image Transfer French Country Cabinet


It’s a lovely, old piece. Jacobean detailing, yet simply designed.

I like to think of this piece as perhaps being an example of a ‘poor man’s grandeur’. A piece that had been painted (imperfectly) over the years to mimic the fabulous pieces that wealthier people house. Hence, the paintings aren’t quite oval, the finish is aged and cracked, the base colors show through.

It’s a piece of furniture that perhaps lived in a French cottage; perhaps the only heirloom that the family had to carry through the next generations. Used, loved.


Maybe it held dishes for the family meals: to bring out in celebration. Hidden securely away until the next special occasion.

The doors have been painted using the image transfer technique.  They showcase the fabulous oil paintings of French painter, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Cobot (Nymphs and Fauns, and Dance of the Nymphs). They compliment the European feel of the piece. Both are highlighted with gold egg tempera.

The cabinet glows with character; a canvas full of time-worn patina.

Deep rich inky blues, with aged grays. Handmade traditional finishes. Layers of varying hues of grey and blue. 

A piece like no other. If you’re looking for a statement piece, a focal point in your room; this may be the cabinet for you.

Measurements are approx: 54″H x 33″W x 19″D
Local pickup from Portland, Oregon is greatly welcomed. If shipping is needed, please email me with your zip code and I’ll find a reasonable shipping quote for you. Shipping is not included in the price.


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