‘Lake Maggiore’ Dresser – SOLD

Lake Maggiore Dresser



Let’s get the basics out of the way.
It’s a solidly built dresser, comprising of two top drawers and two larger drawers. Great for storage. Fabulous details.

There. That’s the boring stuff.

Now on to the fun part. The character of the piece. My vision for this dresser was based on old Italian patina.

Worn, dulled with age, chipped with life.

Painted with traditional materials for an authentic finish. Gold leaf detailing. The image transfer is of an oil painting ‘Lake Maggiore in the Evening’ by Russian painter Ivan Aivazovsky Lots of soothing blues, greys in the paintwork, warm tones in the painting.

Authentically aged.

I went to Lake Maggiore a few years ago for a wedding. It’s a beautiful place, which holds very fond memories. When I saw Aivazovsky’s work I knew I had to have it adorn a piece of my furniture.

This piece brings back memories of calm, warm evenings spent under the Italian sun.

So yes, in the most simplistic description this is a ‘painted dresser’.

But for those of you that look for something different, something special – this is a piece of art; that is reminiscent of days gone by in the warm, sultry shade of Northern Italy.

Local pickup is greatly welcomed, although shipping is available. (Shipping is not included in the listed price). Local delivery is available, free of charge. Please email me with your zip code. I’ll do my utmost to get you a reasonable shipping quote.

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Diane aka The Paint Factory




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