Lowry -Post Depression Era Cabinet -SOLD

Antique Cabinet with L.S.Lowry painting.


I want my pieces to be unique.
I want them to make you stop and stare.

I want them to tell a story.
Reflections of England.

This a piece that is very dear to my heart; it’s an attempt to celebrate my roots – growing up in Industrial Northern England. The cabinet itself is very utilitarian in design – very simplistic lines, very limited detail work. Great for storage, with two big drawers and space on top for larger items. At the moment, it has one shelf – but has the option of adding two more. The piece comes in two sections, for easy moving.

What is meaningful to me is the imaginary. I choose a fabulous painting by renowned artist, L.S. Lowry. He is best know for his simplistic (yet very detailed) paintings of Industrialized England. He celebrated the English worker. This painting is called ‘Going to Work’; it was commissioned by War Artists Advisory Committee of the UK government in 1943, and shows factory workers going to work at the Mather & Platt, Manchester, in the snow. On a side note, my father worked as a bus conductor throughout my childhood – it brings a smile to my face when I look at the bus in the painting. Good memories. 

Lowry is known for only using five different colors in his artwork. With that in mind, I choose to use only Black and Grey to emphasis the image. Lots of variances in color/texture. The trim work has been finished in an iron paint, and has been rusted – again, to emphasis the industrial theme of the piece. 

As with all of my pieces, I want my images and painting to look authentic to the piece. I don’t want to present a refinished piece as looking ‘refinished’, rather I want my pieces to look authentically worn. I want to embrace the tell tale signs of a piece having been well loved – and used.

This is not a refinished piece of furniture. 

This is a statement piece. 

Local pickup from Portland, Oregon would be greatly appreciated – however, I am more than happy to get reasonable shipping rates for you. The listed price does not include shipping.


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