Woman with a Parasol Antique Secretary – SOLD

Antique Secretary with image transfer.


As with all of my pieces, I want them to ‘speak’.

I don’t want them to blend into the scenery. I don’t want them to be simply ‘functional’.

They need to be ‘heard’.

This is an antique secretary that I refinished. It is nothing other than spectacular. (And yes, you are correct, that sounds incredibly arrogant for me to say). But it is.

This is an image transfer of Monet’s ‘Woman with a Parasol’. It is just a beautiful, tranquil image. The body of the piece has been painted with Pure & Original Classico paint (a European luxury paint that I have fallen in love with), and detailing has been done with gold leaf.

If you’re looking for a piece that will be a conversational starter/stopper, but need functionality as well – this may well be the piece for you.

This is me: www.thepaintfactorypdx.com

Custom pieces done on request.


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