A Wee Favor To Ask

A Wee Favor To Ask

As per usual, I am leaving this to the very last moment.

(One day I will be organized and on top of things.  Just not today).

I’ve entered The Orlando Chair into the General Finishes 2016 contest.

Upholstered with an oil painting.
Upholstered with an oil painting.

It’s in the Cinderella Category, which is the ‘popular vote’ category.  Basically, the person with the most votes wins.

I want to win.

But who doesn’t, right?

 (I’ve entered a few other pieces.  Those will be presented to a panel of judges and be eligible for a Merit Award).

Greek One

The voting finishes at noon today. (See what I mean about leaving it to the last minute?)

Greek Three

I love using General Finishes glazes for aging.

Greek Four

They give a really authentic feel to a piece.

Greek Two

I chipped away to reveal some of the original gold finish.

Greek chair before (1)

Here’s a pic of the ‘Before’.  I mean it’s fine, just a little ‘meh’

Life’s too short for ‘Meh’

Greek Seven

If you have a moment and would like to vote for my piece, here’s the link

Thank you, Thank you!!



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