There’s A New Paint In Town

Can I tell you a secret?  Shh..tell no one.

I love to paint.  And I’m one of those ‘crazy’ painters who believe that there’s nothing wrong with using different product lines.  I personally think that mixing brands/products (if done correctly)  can not only promote creativity but can, ultimately, product a fabulous finished result.  A result that people will look at it and wonder….’ponder’ even….about how you managed to get that end result.  I’m not against product loyalty, but if I’m perfectly truthful, I think it is a little restrictive.

For the most part, in terms of the actual paint, I have found Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to be my ‘go-to’ brand.  I can paint with it, blindfolded.  I know how it works, and I know how to manipulate it.  It’s easy-peasy (at least for me – and that’s not arrogance, it’s just I use it almost every day – so I’m familiar with the product).  But, along with the ASCP paint, I use various waxes, and glazes, and top coats – all from other companies.  Blending/mixing product lines can be a great marriage.  Plus, I like the idea of continuing to learn, and I like the idea of continuing to ‘test’ different products. After all, the  world is a great big place. And there’s so much product, and techniques, and colors to try.  It would almost be a crime not to try.  No?

Pure & OriginalSo – imagine my excitement, when I was given the chance to try a product line that isn’t yet available in the states.  Well, HELLO? Yes, please, sign me up. The product line: Pure and Original is about to be launched in the U.S. this week.   Currently it’s only available in Europe.  I was sent three sample pots to try out from their Classico chalk paint line.  I went to the website and read about the product line.  It was full of obvious typo’s.  It just couldn’t be right.  116 colors.  WHAT?  No need to wax.  I said WHAT??  Yea, right, whatever.

The company asked that I paint a small piece and write a blog post about it.  Initially, I was a little concerned – if only because of the small size of the sample pots (100 ml).  I actually wondered if it would be feasible to paint a piece with the three different colors, given the small amount of each.  Dough Box_0254Look, I was so excited about free product, I crushed the can.

I am Strong, like Ox.

I really, really, really wanted to play with the paint.  It’s my favorite thing to do.  Just play.  With wild reckless abandonment.  If it truly was a ‘chalk paint’, it needed to do the things that I can do with my other paints.   And, because I wanted to compare Apples to Apples, I decided to do an image transfer and use Pure & Original alongside, with an aged/distressed look – oh, yes, and gold leaf.  It should have gold leaf.   (Yes, The Paint Factory going the easy route ‘again’).

I was sent ‘Drift‘ (a color very similar to French Linen), Oxford Blue (a grey moody blue) and Moonstone (Green/Grey).  I had requested colors from the blue/green palette.  The coverage is great.  I just managed to complete my piece using the Oxford Blue (as a base coat) and Drift as the top coat – but I haven’t painted the back yet (I’ll tell you about that, later).  I used the Moonstone on the interior sides of the doors.

The paint is quite beautiful.  It actually surprised me.  It’s super smooth and dries really quickly. And NO wax.  It dries to a matte chalk finish.   The company says that unless your piece is in a warm/moist area (think bathroom/kitchen) there’s no need to wax.  If you do want to put a protective finish over it, they suggest the Dead Flat Eco Sealer (Man, why didn’t I get a sample of THAT.  I would LOVE to get my hands on that!).

Dough Box_0264This is the piece I wanted to work on: a banged up music cabinet (that was missing it’s back).  It’s actually still missing it’s back (but shhhh, no-one needs to know).  Here’s a photo of the base coat (Oxford Blue).   One Coat.  It dries to a flat matte.  It is incredibly easy to use.  No primer.  Basically, just slap it on.  Dough Box_0253

I was eager to see how it worked with manipulation.  And it worked perfectly.  Just the right amount of everything.  I will admit that I was a little worried about the ‘no-wax’ deal.  But, I tried to scratch it and it stayed put.  Because I use a lot of glazes, and other finishes (usually), I needed to wax over it to protect the glazes (rather than the need to protect to paint).  So – I can’t say with 100% certainty that the paint would last ‘as-is’, simply because I couldn’t try it this time.

But I will.  I can 100% guarantee that.

I will.

 So – here is the end result.  For anyone interested in the image, it’s a postcard that I have from The Louvre Museum (Cupid Playing with a Butterfly).   It did turn out rather well, didn’t it?

OneEight Five Seven Three

So.  Yes.  I will admit it. I actually quite love this product.  I still need to work with it, and I would like to do a piece without any protective coat and with the Dead Flat topcoat, to get a better feel for it.  But, as it stands, it gets a big THUMBS UP.

Now, here’s the sad news.  I don’t know where you can buy it.  I don’t know how much it costs.  All I know is that the product line is incredibly limited, BUT there’s a chance that you can enter to try the product (I think they’re doing a ‘lottery’ of sorts).  Here’s the link.  The ‘soft’ launch starts in six days.

So – to cap it off.  I got free product (Yay!).  I loved the free product (Yay!) and you can have the chance to try the product too (Yay, Yay!).  But (and here’s the small print) IF you get your hands on the paint, you HAVE to let me know what you think.

You simply HAVE to.

*Just found out that the paint is now available in the US!

Here’s the Pure and Original link to get your hands on the stuff!!

{insert catchy ending phrase here}

Diane aka The Paint Factory






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