EFex Moldings Giveaway!

One of the challenges of having a small business is getting your name known.  I think we all recognize that brand recognition is pretty crucial to the growth of a business.  Essentially, that’s why companies pay big money for marketing.  But what do you do when you’re a small ‘run-from-home’ type of business; the kind of business that doesn’t have the financial means to do a big advertising campaign?  (oh, I wish there was a magic solution).

I, personally, rely heavily on personal recommendations, repeat clientele, and the magic of social media. Facebook has been very good for my business; it’s a forum that I feel pretty confident with.  And this little website of mine, is beginning to attract some traffic.

This morning (in my endless endeavor to do anything but clean)I found myself organizing some of my paperwork. And, low and behold,  I found a gift certificate from last year that I have yet to use.  It’s from Efex Moldings, for $80 worth of flexible moldings!!

I used Efex Moldings  on my Paolina piece, and they are incredibly easy to use. And then I had an idea: How would it sound if I asked people to share a particular blog post on their social media (as a way of me trying to reach a new audience), tell me where they shared it  on my Facebook page and I, in turn, would do a Giveaway for the full $80 certificate?  Share the love, kinda deal.  Because it’s a code that you use at checkout, you have the option of ordering EXACTLY what you want and need. They have a ton of different style moldings to choose from!

So, a very low-key giveaway, running for a week.  At the end of the week, I would randomly pick a winner and give them my gift certificate code.  I think it could be a win-win for everyone.

The Giveaway starts today and runs through until next Friday.  

Share this post: (it could be Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter).


And then comment on my business Facebook page, telling me where you shared it: (it’s the ‘sticky’ post at the top of my page).  I need to do this as a way of collecting your names for the drawing.


Thank you all for participating!


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Diane aka The Paint Factory


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