Hot Off The Press

This is just a quick post.

Nothing fancy.  No real ‘pearls of wisdom’

But, something that I wanted to share with you now – because it’s time sensitive.

Pure and Original emailed me today.  They had shared my Monet Secretary on their blog and wanted to let me know.

(This made me quite happy – I can not lie).

But wait…there’s more….they also gave me a promotion that I can share with you!!

25% off the Fresco Lime Paint bundle!  This is THE paint that I’ve been wanting to try.

This is a blurb from their website

Fresco Lime Paint is made with 100% natural mineral paint composed of quick lime and all natural pigments; when applied, Fresco Lime will become a part of the surface, not merely resting on the top of the surface like latex paints. The final finish is one of matte, unique shades and strokes. Environmentally friendly, lime paint is a centuries-old finish used as early as 1500 BC. ‘Fresco’ is Italian for ‘working wet’ and is best known in fresco wall murals throughout Europe. Our Fresco Lime is made in ‘the old way’ and is available in 114 colors.

Yes I am all over that –  like a rash.

I’d tortured myself about ordering some a while ago.     As a winner of the lottery, I could order products early – and with a discount.   I opted to purchase several colors from the Classico paint range because I had projects in mind.  Truth be told, if money was not an obstacle*, I would have ordered something from all of the product lines.   But, given that you can currently only purchase the Fresco Lime paint as a bundle (1 L Wallprim, 1 L Fresco Lime, with Fresco Brush, and a nice handy-dandy color card)  it’s a little pricey  at  $176.   And my husband’s annoying little voice in my head, told me to hold off.  And no matter how much I tried to shake that annoying little ‘voice-of-wisdom’ from my head, I couldn’t.  And  so  I didn’t get to try any.

Until today!!!!

With the Pure & Original 25% discount I can,   we can purchase a Fresco Lime Bundle in Tin Kettle for $99


(and even my husband can’t say that it’s not a great deal)**.

So that’s it.  If you are intrigued with the Fresco Lime paint and would like to try it (but you too, have that little ‘voice-of-wisdom’ running in your head.  Non-stop. ) This would be the time to purchase it.  The promotion is good until Thursday 23rd July, at midnight.  I’ve ordered mine today (but I’m away in Italy until the end of the month), so I’ll have to wait…and wait… to try it.   But I am a little excited.

I can not lie.

{insert catchy ending phrase here}

Diane aka The Paint Factory

*Disclaimer: My husband tells me that money is ALWAYS an obstacle.  (Loud music and alcohol helps dull out the voice).

** He totally can say it’s not a great deal.  And you know what?  I just don’t care.  I think it’s a great deal, and sometimes, that’s all that matters.

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