When Summer Collided With April

When Summer Collided With April

We’ve been having some weird weather here in Oregon.   Weird, like 91° degrees, weird.  This type of weather toys with my English sensibilities.  And not in a good way.  It’s April.  It’s not supposed to be this hot.  EVER.

On the plus side, the heat made me want to revisit my outdoor space.

Blooming succulents, I love ’em!


This is the gazebo in my backyard.  We removed the antiquated hot tub last year and turned it into a sitting area.  We have few mosquitoes in Oregon and usually low humidity; so sitting outside on an evening is quite the joy.

Last year it looked like this.  I think this was June/July (real summer time).

P1040759 with template

And I loved hanging out there.  Often I’m sat on the loveseat with my computer (wearing shades) pretending to be working.  If I’m wearing my sunglasses there’s a good chance I’m just sleeping.  Sitting up.  Pretending to work. Because that’s how I roll.

Why work when you can nap?

But, by the end of the year, I had grown tired of the pink and green.  While it’s fun to paint with ‘trendy’ colors;  you run the risk of become tired of them rather quickly.  Trendy colors don’t have great ‘staying power’.  This year, I wanted the space to be more traditional with a more timeless appeal.


The new cushion covers took  days and days to sew.  Not one seam is straight.  And there’s a good chance that if you sit on them, they’ll explode. I probably should get guests to sign waivers.  And, to tell the truth, I’m still a little traumatized.  I shouldn’t sew. It’s not good for my mental health.   But they are done.  And I do rather love the blues/greens/grays in the fabric.

loveseat sq

It is a much easier color palette to work with.  I put a whitewash on the antique trunk to lighten it up and trimmed the plant holder with copper leaf.  I also put gold leaf on my industrial vintage lamp.  Rust and Gold .  Dreamy. It gives off a beautiful glow at night.

Lamp sq

I bought the three teak chairs from the Goodwill Outlet store a few years ago.  They cost the grand sum of $5 each.  I knew I would need to repaint them this year; although I just didn’t realize that it would be in April.  I bought the whiskey barrel planter and turned it into a stool with storage.  You can flip the seat over and use it as a table (one of my more ‘successful’ ideas).

Chairs sq

Choosing a coordinating paint color for the outdoor fabric was easy.

Table sqIt is just a gorgeous color. I painted this side table that I got for free at a yard sale.  I don’t think you have to buy expensive pieces of furniture for outdoors.  It’s hard to argue with ‘free’.

Rather than hand painting the chairs, this time I used a paint sprayer.  I’ve wanted to try a sprayer for awhile, and Wagner® recently introduced a new Home Decor sprayer to the market, so the timing was perfect!


It’s a super light sprayer that doesn’t need an air compressor (My doggie is happy about that small detail.  He normally hides upstairs when I bring out my air compressor).  It took me a few attempts to figure out what speed/spray pattern worked best for me.  But seriously, once I had figured it out (Speed two, with the horizontal spray) it worked like a charm.  Yes, expect some overspray, but these three chairs were finished in less than 20 minutes.

cushion sq

When time is money (or you have a low attention span) that’s pretty amazing. The chairs are protected inside the gazebo.  And I don’t think I will need to.  If I decide to add extra protection, I’ll just spray a clear topcoat over them.

I still have the 8ft+ antique church pew that I somehow managed to fit into my minivan last year.  (That pickup was not for the fainthearted). I power washed it, and actually like the chippy look.  I may keep it this way.

Pew sq

The gazebo is finished and ready for summer in April.

Ready for me to go and sit outside; and work on my computer (wearing shades, of course).


Or just enjoy the flowers.  With a glass of wine.  Hard call.

flower sq

So while I snooze  work drink,  maybe you have paint projects that need your attention?

Come visit, you know where I’ll be!

{insert catchy ending phrase}

Diane aka The Paint Factory

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