“Breezing Up” Upholstered Armchair SOLD

Upholstered Armchair


Are you ready for THE chair?
You know, the chair that everyone will be talking about.
Yep? OK, you just found it.

A conversation starter.
A conversation stopper.

French style armchair, upholstered in a light grey/blue tweed fabric. Custom printed linen fabric of Winslow Homer’s ‘Breezing Up (A Fair Wind) oil painting. He started painting it when he visited Gloucester, Mass in 1873. If you’ve ever been to Gloucester, you would understand why you would feel the innate urge to paint.

The color of the frame is Chateau Grey with Old Violet ASCP. With Burgundy, Emperor Silk, English Yellow, Barcelona Orange in the detailing. Maison Blanche Le Dirt, for aging. It gives a nice ‘dusty’ finish.

It’s stunning. I don’t think it will last long. And it could be yours.

You should hurry.


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