Seascape Oil Painting Upholstered Armchair SOLD


My main focus on painting is that I want each piece to become a piece of art.

I want people to talk about the piece.

And look at it, and instantly know that you need it.

Case in point: This is a vintage french-style armchair. I honestly can’t remember what the ‘original’ state was, other than it being pretty nondescript. It was a chair. Just that.

I stripped it back to the frame, and painted it. I wanted to give it more of a watercolor look, so it’s hard to tell if the frame is blue or green, or cream. You need to see it to tell. The paint has an uneven distressed finish. It needed to look ‘rugged’ (I’ll explain in a moment). And then I upholstered it. The front is blue/grey tweed fabric. Quite lovely. And the floral detailing has been emphasized in creams, and blues, and greens, and yellow (all Annie Sloan chalk paint).

But the back.

The back is what makes this chair. Different.

I had an original seascape oil painting. I never got around to hanging it up. And it suddenly dawned on me what I needed to do with it. Now the Seascape is framed within the chair.

This is perfect for a room that requires you to have a ‘floating’ chair as-in, one’s that can’t be put against a wall. Imagine walking into a room/office and seeing a beautiful original oil painted seascape on a chair. I know, right. Example: You’re an interior designer. Your clients walk into your office, expecting to be ‘wow’d’ . They’re not sure they want to spend money on something they could do themselves. The first thing that meets them is the ‘Wow’ of the chair, they become calm by the seascape, and soothed by nature…..and then they sign the contract

So you need it.
You do.

This is what I do: I paint, I upholstery. I have fun.

Local pickup in Portland, Oregon is appreciated. Please email me with zip code for shipping rates.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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