Lake Maggiore Cabinet


Beautiful hand painted post-depression cabinet, featuring image transfer of Lake Maggiore, Italy.



I was lucky enough, several years ago, to visit Lake Maggiore in Italy. A breathtakingly beautiful area. I left feeling content, inspired and determined that some day I would be able to go back. To continue on this fabulous journey of mine. I haven’t made it back yet, but it’s still very much in my heart. When I found this Post-Depression era cabinet, I knew that I could bring Italy back to life again.

As with all my pieces, I never want them to look ‘refinished’ or freshly painted. So I spent many many hours working on patina; and with that comes textures, and subtle blending and really getting definition and movement into, an otherwise flat, surface. This is a painting by Ivan Aivazovsky (1858) titled ‘Lake Maggiore in the Evening’. I specialize in image transfer meaning that only the image itself is transferred to the piece (it’s an incredibly time-consuming process – but ultimately worth every minute). I want my pieces to tell a story; evoke emotions, start or stop conversations. I imagine that the cabinet has been hidden away in discarded, perhaps neglected in an il palazzo, aging peacefully – waiting to be rediscovered – brought back to life. The paint is cracked, and worn, chipped. What perhaps was once a deep navy, now shows subtle changes in color. With age brings character.

It’s truly a fabulous piece of furniture. It’s solid and has great storage. But it’s more than that. It tells a story.

Local pickup from Portland, Oregon is always welcome. Shipping is NOT included in the price, but if you require shipping I will be more than happy to find you a reasonable quote. The shipping quote listed is only an estimate, naturally it will change depending on where you live.

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Diane aka The Paint Factory


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