Staggeringly Beautiful Berkey & Gay Antique Buffet – SOLD

Berkey & Gay Antique Buffet


Let’s start with the basics: It’s from Berkey & Gay – it’s the Cadillac of buffets. Solid as a rock. Featuring five drawers, original hardware and dovetail joints.

The original finish was fine, but nothing spectacular. The gloss finish did nothing to accentuate the beautiful detail work. It needed to be changed.

I wanted this piece to look as though it had been found in a French country chalet. Hidden from sunlight, hidden from life. A leftover, shall we say, from a bygone age. I wanted to give the impression of what the buffet would look like if one was to rip down the old silk draperies from the windows, and let the sun finally hit the buffet. To bring it back to life.

The piece has been restored to show an authentic patina. I never want my pieces to look recycled, or refinished. I spend a great amount of time trying to get each piece to look authentically worn. And while some may use wood filler, etc to fill in the imperfections – I have learned to appreciate and embrace them.

This is one such piece.

Tones of black, grey, blue with rich glazes and shellac finishes. It is truly one of a kind.

Local pickup from Portland, Oregon is greatly appreciated. Local delivery is available, at no cost.


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