The Lady and the Unicorn Dresser – SOLD


The Lady and the Unicorn Dresser.

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A piece of art that came together, quite peacefully and effortlessly, in this time of chaos.

I tend to only paint furniture when I am most inspired, very seldom do I reach for a paintbrush ‘just’ to paint. I refuse to jump on a conveyor belt, so it’s been a while since I picked up a paint brush.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been searching for a sense of community – for a purpose, for a sense of normalcy in a time when it seems that, often, it’s out of our grasp. And, what I’m constantly seeing and been made aware of is the community of medical professionals; giving us (all strangers) the support we need and crave. I see their desire to help and I, thankfully, am able to recognize that it’s unconditional. It’s their desire/need to help that carries them through this chaotic time. And with that realization, the medical community became my inspiration.

I like to think that my pieces tell a story, that they go further than being merely ‘painted’ furniture. When I discovered this image and read the title ‘A Mon Seul Desir’ (English translation ‘With My Unique Desire’) I knew that this was the image that I needed to use. The Lady and the Unicorn are a set of six tapestries, woven in Flanders around c 1500. They each contain a noble lady, a lion and a unicorn, and are thought to depict the five senses. The six tapestry is a little more obscure in it’s meaning; but perhaps it represents our sixth sense? Of emotion, love, giving.

The wood medallion below ‘A Mon Seul Desir’ image, is of The Unicorn in Captivity, from the ‘The Unicorn Tapestries’ c1500. Historically, the Unicorn is seen as a symbol of magic, miracles, and enchantment; hope and joy. And I think we all need a unicorn, metaphorically or literally, in our lives at the moment. The main body is painted a rich dark red, with brown lowlights to add warmth and depth. The appliques have been painted with copper paint, with a natural patina. Again, I try to make my pieces look authentic and therefore I try to embrace the flaws of the piece, rather than hide them.

This is a piece of furniture that inspired me to appreciate what ‘community’ really means. And ‘community’ can come in all guises; whether it comes in the shape of medical intervention, a good deed, or perhaps a mystical unicorn. It’s always there – we just have to search it out.

Local pickup from Portland, Oregon is greatly appreciated. However, if shipping is required please email your address to me and I’ll work to get a reasonable shipping quote to you. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!
And please stay safe and well,

Diane aka The Paint Factory


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