The Unicorn Tapestries Antique Cabinet – SOLD

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Exquisite Antique Cabinet, featuring the Unicorn Tapestries.


If you’re looking for a true ‘showstopper’, in terms of furniture; you know that type of furniture that people can not stop looking at – you may have found your piece.

Antique solid cabinet, refinished to the highest quality, including images of the divine Unicorn Tapestries (Unicorn is Attacked, and the Unicorn Defends itself’. Wood detailing has been refinished using copper paint, with true blue/green patina. Aged to perfection. Yes, the lock is missing on the top drawer (although it comes with the original key, that operates the bottom doors), and there’s a small piece of molding that’s missing on the side. Small details, that are so easily overlooked when you see the grandeur of the piece.

This is a piece that looks authentically aged, not upcycled.

Shipping is available, please message me so that I can find a reasonable quote for you.

1 review for The Unicorn Tapestries Antique Cabinet – SOLD

  1. Penny Krueger

    Well, well, well. I have my tape measure out once again. Size please. The gaming table is still in play as well. I may have to get rid of some current piece. I did go through a midcentury phase. You are truly skilled. I love the wood which remains.

    • Diane

      Hi Penny, I posted the measurements on the Facebook thread – obviously you didn’t see them. Here they are. 39 high x 21.5 deep x 43 wide. It has a big curve at the front, so these are the widest measurements. It really is a beautiful piece, it really does take my breath away. You can also connect with me via email, if that’s easier or text (971) 217 4241 Best, Diane

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