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The Lady of Shallot Bergere Armchair

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The Lady of Shallot Chair



The chair is a reproduction (meaning that the lines are a little off for a Bergere style chair). The legs and arms are a little straighter. The back frame has chipped a little. It’s not incredibly noticeable, but I see it.

And, emotionally, I feel that I can’t put the same price on a Repro as I would a true antique chair. ┬áBut, the same amount of love, sweat and tears went into refinishing it. ┬áTrust me.

Deep red velvet seat, copper detailing, nailhead trim.

1 review for The Lady of Shallot Bergere Armchair

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    Minnette Davis

    I would be interested in this chair if you gave another one

    • Diane


      I don’t currently have another one, but I’ll keep my eyes open for one that I can refinish.

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