Vintage Storage Cabinet – Cupid and Psyche


Beautiful hand painted vintage storage cabinet, featuring fine art paintings by William-Adolph Bouguereau (Cupid and Psyche).

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It started its life as a sweet vintage cabinet, but the years had not been kind to it and the result was badly damaged veneer on the sides that couldn’t be saved. I like to think of my pieces as ‘blank canvases’ – a way to introduce fine art into everyday decor. I have long been in love with the paintings of William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and knew that this was the perfect piece to showcase some of his work. I chose the incredible ‘Love and Psyche’ (1899) and ‘Psyche and Amour’ (1889).

I prefer to use a limited color palette, in this instance, I choose a mid-tone blue/green and complemented it with a light green. I’ve also used various tones of glaze to add depth to the finish. The trim detail around the images is aged copper leaf. My goal in finishing a piece is to try an mimic the natural aging of furniture, so I prefer to leave (and often accentuate) blemishes etc. On close inspection, you’ll notice that there’s lots of variances in color and texture (this is intentional). I work with the process of image transfer to add the images to the piece of furniture – this is NOT decoupage or a ‘transfer’. The images now show characteristics of age (crackle, fading etc.). I like to think of them as being perfectly imperfect. 

The cabinet measures approximately 54″H x 20″D x 25″W and has an inside shelf – perfect for storage. 

Pickup from Portland, Oregon is always greatly appreciated – however, if shipping is needed please let me know I’ll be happy to find a reasonable shipping rate for you. 

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