It’s HERE – Yep the ‘Official’ Launch of the Blog….Drum Roll, please.

It’s HERE – Yep the ‘Official’ Launch of the Blog….Drum Roll,  please.

No turning back now.

The business cards have been printed.  I’m doing this, and I’m bringing you with me – whether you like it or not.  That simple.  And you know why? “Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like me” (*wise words attributed to Stuart Smalley).

This is our time to rock.  This is our time to share information, share screw-ups, share photos of messy houses, complain about our husbands.  This is the ‘real world’ blog, complete with typos.  Sometimes I will write the blog with a good attitude.  Sometimes I will have a bad attitude.  It depends on the moment, and the availability of wine and chocolate.  It could go either way, so be prepared!

This is also game time.  Time to play!  Time to win!  My good buddy, Robyn Story and her fabulous crew have put together this fantastic basket of Artisan Enhancements products to, not only help launch my blog, but to help you create your own piece of art.  There’s one lucky winner that will get chosen at the end of the contest.  I just hope that when you get the products  and use them, you let us see the end results!  I love ‘Show and Tell’.

So here’s some pics to inspire you.

GiveawayIt’s worth $160 smackeroonies.  Maybe more on the black market? (kinda sad if there’s a black market for painting supplies!).

So, get fired up.  Spread the word.  Enter the contest.  And know, that this little middle-aged, paintbrush welding, pre-menopausal chick is very very grateful that you’re here, with me.

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(insert catchy ending phrase here)

Diane aka The Paint Factory

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