Antique Jacobean Buffet ‘Florence’ SOLD

Antique Buffet, depicting Florence, Italy.


How to describe this – let me count the ways…

For those who know me, and know of the pieces I’ve refinished, embracing the flaws of a piece is actually quite paramount to my whole vision of the end result. I want my pieces to look authentic; I don’t hide the nicks; rarely do I use wood filler etc. To be authentically worn means to accept that the piece of furniture has lived and has been loved – and with that, comes a host of ‘character flaws’.

This piece is no exception. It has a few nicks, even a little blemish on the top. Could I have sanded it down? Absolutely. But it didn’t make sense to present an ‘authentically’ old piece to the world, with a perfectly finished top. The same with the missing detailing around one of the legs. It’s probably been kicked around, and moved around and …. it shows. And I couldn’t love it more. So no changes to the integrity of the piece.

This piece I wanted to expand on my life for Italy. I wanted the image to look like an old fresco of Florence, no less. I wanted lots of texture reminiscent of old plaster. And distressing, portions of the image that have chipped or worn away.

The image is actually an image transfer a an oil painting by Thomas Cole (an English-American painter). I look at it and am reminded that I need to go back to Italy. Everyone deserves to visit Italy, at least once in their lifetime. And for those who are unable to travel, maybe this piece of furniture will suffice?

The piece is painted in a deep blue/green color – lots of variance in the hues; perhaps in it’s life one area received more of the Tuscan sun that the other, maybe one area was close to the warm evening fireplace, causing the texture to change somewhat. It has enjoyed a full life. And now it’s time to command attention in another room. Perhaps yours.

Yes, it does offer good storage – but there’s so much more than that – it offers a story, and it needs telling.

Pick up is greatly appreciated in Portland, Oregon. For those seeking shipping quotes, please message me with your zip code. I’d be more than happy to find a reasonable quote for you.

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Diane aka The Paint Factory

1 review for Antique Jacobean Buffet ‘Florence’ SOLD

  1. Stephanie Stanton

    Dear Diane,

    This piece is stunning and so reminds me of our travels to Italy. Would you mind sharing the dimensions of the piece?
    Your work speaks to me in a profound way. Lovely sense of place and history.

    Thank you,


    • Diane

      I just saw this message, sorry for the delay response! The measurements are approx. 65″ x 19.5″ x 39″ I love Italy, where did you go? A few years ago, we went to Varese and Lake Como for a family wedding. I really do need to live there. The universe is pulling me!!!

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