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It’s hard to try to concisely describe what ‘Ruby’ is and the creative process behind creating her.
The ‘generic’ version is: an antique buffet used for storage.
And I guess we could ‘technically’ leave it at that, with hopes that someone will stumble across this piece of furniture.

But she is so much more.
So much more.


This piece came to fruition because I was so moved by the recent protests for equality. In my past life, I was a trained social worker, so social issues have always been paramount to me. I wanted to create something that would show the indomitable spirit of the black community – and their continual struggles within our society.

But mainly, I wanted to pay homage to this sweet, strong, brave child – and the iconic painting ‘The Problem We All Live With’ by the famed artist, Norman Rockwell. She has touched so many people, on so many levels.

My aim is always to create pieces that will start or stop conversations. It is always my hope that someone will enter a room, see my creation – and stop in their tracks. I have grown so much because of this piece – and the acknowledgement of the struggles that little girls, such as Ruby, faced on a daily basis.

Rather than write a lengthy post here, I went back to my website and wrote my feelings on the current situation, on Ruby Bridges, and my thought process behind creating the piece. Please go to the links below.

My Lessons With Ruby

My Lessons with Ruby, Part Two

I am in Portland, Oregon. Local delivery is available, but if you need shipping please contact me. I’ll be happy to find a reasonable shipping quote for you.


It is my full intent to apply 50% of all proceeds for the buffet to start a scholarship for the Frederick Douglass High School in Louisiana (the high school that Ruby Bridges graduated from). It is my hope that the scholarship will be available to a young female student of color, to assist her on her way to gaining a higher education.

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Diane aka The Paint Factory


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